How Do You Prepare for the Insurance Licensing Exam?

To prepare for the insurance licensing exam, enroll in a state-approved preparatory course either in person or online. Use the provided textbook, highlighting passages that contain information you find difficult. Research the weight of each subject and the structure of the exam in your state. Access your state's insurance commissioner's website for any addition exam information or questions to be as familiar with policy as possible. Take as many practice exams as you feel you need.

Many states require a completed preparatory course for any who apply for the licensing exam. While there are usually both online and in-person courses, the in-person courses offer the benefits of one-on-one time with an instructor, and other students with whom to study. Use the textbook and class time to take organized notes that are easy to review later.

Many textbooks contain information about the weight of each subject on your state's exam near the front of the book. If your state exam focuses a larger percentage on one subject than the others, spend extra time learning about that information. Many online courses provide students with multiple practice exams in the student or class portal. Some textbooks have practice exams at the end of the book. Ask the instructor of an in-person course how to access course-approved practice exams.