How Do You Prepare for the HESI Exit Exam?

How Do You Prepare for the HESI Exit Exam?

Students can prepare for the HESI exit exam by using HESI study guides and test preparation books, training on how to take the test and learning from any past mistakes. The HESI exit exam tests how well students have learned the material in their nursing program. Since the questions are similar to those found on the NCLEX licensing exam, the HESI exit exam can be used as a guide on whether a student will pass the NCLEX.

Students should begin preparing for the HESI exit exam during their first week in the course. For every classroom hour, one hour should be spent studying outside of class, notes Chamberlain College of Nursing. Students can use practice guides to help them in their studies.

While a portion of study time should be spent on content review, students should also devote time to taking practice tests. This helps students develop test-taking skills and become more familiar with NCLEX-style questions.

Students should aim to get a score of at least 900, states Chamberlain College of Nursing. Working to score high on the HESI exit exam increases the odds of doing well on the NCLEX exam, notes, a study from the Journal of Professional Nursing.

Students should review all practice exam mistakes. This will help them understand the reasoning behind the answers and see why they were wrong.