How Do You Prepare for a Health Insurance Exam?


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To prepare for a health insurance exam, implement a light exercise routine, avoid dairy or other problem foods and, if necessary, quit smoking. Never lie about your past medical history, especially in regards to smoking; although insurers typically levy a higher premium for the first year for smokers, these premiums eventually lower. Schedule an early appointment and refrain from breakfast to provide an accurate blood sugar test result.

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Preparations for a health insurance exam involve lifestyle changes, ideally implemented at least a month in advance, rather than quick fixes for poor health.

High blood pressure is an indicator for heart disease and strokes, qualifying as a pre-existing condition that allows insurance companies to deny coverage. Light to moderate exercise, such as walking 30 minutes per day combined with a prescription for blood pressure medication, can bring high blood pressure down. Monitor blood pressure frequently. Typically, blood pressure readings are lower in the mornings than in the evenings.

Dairy and other products can cause heartburn, gas and other problems that need to be explained. Avoid consuming any trigger foods prior to the exam and notify the doctor if you are currently taking any medications. If you are ill, let the doctor know.

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