How Do You Prepare for the GRE in Psychology?

How Do You Prepare for the GRE in Psychology?

To prepare for the GRE Psychology test, you must become familiar with the exam format. Then, study the topics covered on the test, using available test-preparation resources and any supplemental information you have acquired through classes or textbooks.

  1. Learn the test format

    According to the Educational Testing Service, which administers the GRE, the Psychology Test contains about 205 multiple-choice questions with five options each, on topics usually covered in undergraduate psychology courses. The ETS allows 2 hours and 50 minutes to complete the exam.

  2. Discover what the test covers

    Practice tests are available online and give you an idea of what is on the test. The ETS says 43 percent of the test covers natural or experimental science, 40 percent covers social science, and 17 percent reviews general knowledge. You may need to recall facts, apply principles, analyze relationships, evaluate a research design, or draw conclusions from data. Some questions may require analysis of graphs or experimental information.

  3. Gather materials to study

    Relevant materials include class notes and tests from undergraduate psychology classes, specialized test-preparation books, and online practice materials provided for free by the ETS.

  4. Review and practice

    Review your notes and tests from undergraduate psychology courses, and ask your professors for any relevant tips. Study the test-preparation books and online resources you have gathered. Since the GRE Psychology test is timed, it may be especially helpful to take online practice tests offered by the ETS.