How Do You Prepare for an Examination?

Some ways to prepare for an examination include taking detailed notes, eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of sleep the night before. Other strategies include taking practice tests, eliminating distractions and spacing out your study time.

Take meticulous notes during class lectures and when reading textbooks. Use your notes as a study aid when exam time approaches. Students who take good notes tend to do better on tests than those who don't.

Eating a healthy diet can improve your ability to concentrate and perform well during an exam. On test day, eat a breakfast that digests slowly. Avoid simple carbohydrates, processed foods and overly sugary dishes. Studies show that staying up all night can affect memory and reasoning for up to four days, so make sure to get at least eight hours of good sleep before the test.

Make flash cards or a practice test using your study material, and have someone quiz you. There are practice materials for some exams available online. Ask your instructor if she knows of any additional practice resources available for your upcoming test.

It is more difficult to retain information when there are distractions such as music, television or other people vying for your attention, so set aside study time when you can be alone, and turn off all the unnecessary electronic devices. Studying in small increments over a longer period is more effective than trying to cram all at once. As soon as you find out about an upcoming exam, set a study schedule to pace yourself and avoid last-minute panic.