How Do You Prepare Your Child for the Fourth Grade STAAR Test?


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Reviewing questions, answer keys and test formats from past years are good methods to prepare your child for the fourth grade STAAR test, according to the Texas Education Agency. Looking at materials for teachers that summarize test "hotspots" could also help.

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The STAAR test has review materials available and listed by grade on the Texas Education Agency's website. These do not include all types of tested skills, partially because the state maintains large test banks, according to TEA. However, parents can find fourth grade materials for math, reading, writing and Spanish. Using these may help their children grow familiar with test formats and the kinds of questions that can appear on the test, which may ease anxiety. The state also offers subject-divided review materials for areas such as English Language Arts and Social Studies, but these do not have a grade level designation, so parents of fourth-graders may need to spend time looking through them for appropriate practice questions.

Teacher materials can offer reviews of fourth-grade reading skills for which STAAR specifically tests, according to Berry's website. These are general outlines, and parents should work on familiarizing their children with skills rather than specific questions. As of 2015, STAAR frequently tests fourth graders' ability to infer information about and summarize reading materials, both fictional and non-fictional, says Berry.

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