What Are the Preliminary Courses for Nursing School?


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The preliminary coursework for nursing school usually consists of at least one year of anatomy and a type of chemistry course with lab work, as well as basic nutrition, psychology and microbiology courses. Other required courses are English, statistics and sociology.

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Preliminary nursing courses make up the foundational experience and knowledge prospective nurses need for the job. They usually take up to two years to complete and make up the majority of the associate degree program. Although online nursing programs are available, labs and clinicals are vital parts of a nursing education, and it is often a course requirement for them to be conducted within the student's community. Accelerated nursing programs are also widely available, and they tend to cover prerequisite courses and RN advanced courses within a span of two years.

The type of degree the student plans on earning plays a prominent role in education costs. An associate degree in Nursing usually takes two years to complete and averages out to 3,200 dollars, not including housing and book fees, according to College Board's 2013-2014 Trends in College Pricing report.

After completing the program, the next step is becoming certified by the National Council Licensure Examination. Each state has its own criteria, but the exam is founded on four main categories: environmental safety, health, physiology integrity and psychosocial integrity.

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