How Do You Practice for a Written Comprehension Test?


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To prepare for a written comprehension test, practice how to find the main idea of a text, how to make an inference and how to understand the context of the vocabulary. It is important to understand an author's purpose in writing the text and to figure out the author's tone.

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The main idea of a text is the central thesis of the passage or the point of the text. A main idea is either clearly stated or implied depending on the type of text read. Making an inference based on the text means analyzing the evidence presented and making an assumption about the implied meaning behind it. This requires using context clues that are provided throughout the text. Understand the context of the vocabulary of a text by looking at the whole passage for clues to what is being said.

To understand the author's purpose, determine the reason he wrote the passage in a particular way and why. Do this by finding clue words in the text that compare or contrast, criticize, describe, explain or suggest certain ideas. Discover the author's tone by determining if the text is witty, neutral, angry, happy or polished. This helps you understand the author's attitude toward a particular subject or idea.

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