How Do You Practice Vocabulary Words With Kids?


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Practicing vocabulary words with kids can be done using online resources such as online vocabulary games available at PBS.org, using vocabulary building sites like Vocabulary.com or downloading an application such as the free Vocabulary Builder available from a compatible application store like Google Play. Reading and using example sentences from a dictionary are other ways to practice vocabulary skills with kids.

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There are many benefits of learning through the use of games according to EducatorNetwork.com. Game-based learning uses games while teaching a concept. Its benefits include capturing the student's attention, making learning fun and engaging and reinforcing concepts in a friendly environment.

Vocabulary games on PBS.org include more than 70 different games that can be categorized by skill level and include characters from "Sesame Street" and "Caillou" as of 2015. Some of the games are matching games like "A, B, C, D, Watermelon," while some provide introductions to vocabulary through stories like "What is Your Favorite Word?"

Available applications, such as Vocabulary Builder, features quizzes and games, and it includes audio and example sentences for each word. The application tracks progress as the player unlocks levels with new words. It has basic, intermediate and advanced levels for all ages. In order to find free vocabulary applications, users should visit the compatible applications store, enter vocabulary into the search box, select the desired application and click Install.

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