What Are Some Practice Tests for MAP?

Practice tests for Measure of Academic Progress, or MAP, cover reading and mathematics. The Northwest Evaluation Association, school districts and some schools, such as Burroughs Community School, offer the MAP practice tests online to help children prepare for upcoming MAP tests.

Measures of Academic Progress is a series of tests that establishes the current academic achievement level of a child. The tests also help to evaluate the progress and performance of a child in school. Students in K-10th take the test each year and require preparation to pass the test. MAP tests help students, educators and parents to keep progress of basic academic skills. This helps to identify the weak areas that require assistance. Students receive a score called RIT score for each completed test. Teachers use the results of the MAP tests to provide proper academic instructions and guides.

The reading test covers several areas, including word meaning, literal comprehension, inferential comprehension and evaluative comprehension. MAP tests for mathematics cover several areas, such as number sense, measurement, estimation and computation, problem-solving, and patterns, functions and algebra. Each student takes a unique test with different difficult levels. Proper preparation for the MAP tests includes good nutrition, enough rest and regular practices.