What Are Some Practice Test Questions for the SAT?


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A practice sentence-completion question for the SAT is, "Which set of words accurately fills in the blanks in this sentence?" "King Phillip wanted to turn Spain into the main power, while Queen Elizabeth wanted England to be autonomous. The result was that __ was inevitable." A reasonable answer is "conflict."

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SAT sentence-completion questions feature several choices of words or sets of words to fill in the provided blanks, and test-takers must select the most reasonable answer. For example, if the test sentence reads, "A competent publishing agent is able to __ promising submissions from those that lack in substance in an efficient manner," possible answers might include the words "overhaul," "discern," "write" and "fix." The correct answer is "discern."

The SAT also tests math abilities. A sample math problem is, "If y is greater than 1, and the square root of y divided by the cube of y equals y to the t power, what is the numerical value of t?" The solution is minus 5/2. Another example of the types of math problems students can expect to see on the SAT is, "If it is possible to divide x evenly by 2, 3 and 15, which value can you also divide evenly by all three numbers?" The answer is "x + 30." Other choices include "x + 5" and "x + 45."

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