How Do You Take a Practice Test?

How Do You Take a Practice Test?

Students should take practice tests that mimic the real test as closely as possible. Many test prep sites have use official test prep questions and offer practice tests that are in the same format as the official test.

Taking practice tests has been shown to improve scores and make students feel more confident and better prepared going into the real test. Follow these steps to take practice tests.

  1. Locate a practice test
  2. Most widely used standardized tests, like the ACT, SAT and LSAT, have official practice tests available either online or in paper format. Using one of these official tests is preferred because it will more closely mimic the real test and provide a better practice atmosphere.

  3. Get familiar with the test format
  4. Each test is organized differently, with a different number of sections, different number of question per section and different time limits for each section. Knowing going into the test whether there is an essay section or everything will be multiple choice helps students better prepare their test-taking strategies.

  5. Prepare the environment and take the test
  6. Practice tests should always be taken under conditions that are as close to those during the real test as possible. Siting in the same type of seat, keeping to the time limits and using the exact testing format results in a better prediction of how well the student will score on the real exam.