How Do You Practice for a Spelling Bee?


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To prepare for a spelling bee, pick up a copy of "How to Spell Like a Champ," written by three people connected to the Scripps National Spelling Bee, to gain access to lists of tricky spelling words and quizzes. Intermediate and advanced dictionaries also provide a wealth of words.

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How Do You Practice for a Spelling Bee?
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Reading chapter books that are above your grade level is another good way to build a spelling list. Write down words that you don't know, look up their meanings, and add them to your spelling list. Once you advance to regional spelling bees, the words can come from anywhere in the dictionary, so the more you know, the better prepared you are.

As the bee gets closer, write lists of words everywhere. Put Post-it notes on the mirror in your bathroom, your nightstand and your laptop screen, and put a list of words on your phone. Keep note cards in your pocket with study words, so you can prepare when you have a few spare minutes. Give your toughest lists to friends and neighbors, and ask them to quiz you. If you don't have access to word lists, go to the Scripps website and other resources to print out their lists to practice.

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