Where Are Some Practice Questions for the Grade 6 EQAO?


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The Exambank and Edurite provide online practice tests for the Grade 6 EQAO exam. It is also possible to order printed materials and books that cover the EQAO exam from websites such as Amazon.com.

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The Exam Bank is an educational website that provides several practice exams for the Grade 6 EQAO test. The page is broken down into tests that cover math, science and language sections. The language questions cover grammar, reading comprehension, vocabulary and titling questions. The math section provides examples of questions related to number sense and numeration, measurement, geometry and spatial sense, patterning and algebra, and data management and probability. It also covers addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The science section covers biodiversity, flight, electricity and electrical devices, and space.

In addition to the practice tests, the website provides the top scores on each test section so that users can compare student's performances. Guidebooks, such as the EQAO Teacher's Testing Guide, are also available to help teachers and parents prepare children for the EQAO. These books are sold by the subject, such as math, language and science, and provide reproducible practice pages for students, along with valuable study tips and systematic instructions about how to prepare for the exam. These books are available online at sales platforms such as Amazon.com, and may also be available through local bookstore as well.

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