What Are Some Practice Questions for the CNOR Test?


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An example of a CNOR exam practice question is: "The Mini-Cog test to assess for dementia includes what?" This question would be asked in a multiple choice format and pertains to the test taker's medical knowledge.

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Another example of a question about medical knowledge might be: "What agent is least likely to be responsible for anaphylaxis during surgery?" These kinds of questions are the primary focus of the test and make up more than 40 percent of the 200 question CNOR test.

The test also asked questions about the operation of medical facilities. An example of this is the following: "open shelves used for storage of sterile packages must meet which of the following criteria?" Questions about cleaning, storing and disposing of the instruments typically make up 12 percent of the test. These types of questions might also ask about safety precautions, like the following: "When administering or handling open containers of chemotherapeutic agents, what precautions should a nurse take to protect her hands?"

The CNOR also questions about chemistry and physics. For example, the test may ask: "What is the purpose of diluting ethylene oxide with inert gases and hydrochlorofluorocarbon?" These questions allow the test to gauge the taker's understanding of handling sensitive materials in a medical setting.

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