What Are Some Practice Problems for 7th Grade Math?


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Practice math problems for a seventh grader are ones that test the student's knowledge of concepts like ratios, percents, decimals and graphs. Students should also practice consumer math, problems with integers and the Pythagorean theorem.

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A practice math problem for a seventh grader could ask the student to convert a decimal to a fraction, to estimate a certain percentage of a number or to figure out the percent of change between two numbers. The following three problems match the three themes identified above: "How do you write 33% as a fraction?", "What is 25% of 10?" and "What is the percent of change from 10 to 5?" The answers to these problems are 1/3, 2.5 and 50.

Other practice math problems for seventh graders should focus on concepts like prime factorization, least common multiple or writing numbers in scientific notation. If writing a math problem for a seventh grader, focus on problems that involve adding, subtracting or multiplying decimals. Alternatively, write problems about linear functions. For example, the student could be given the problem f(x)=11x and told to solve for f(11). The answer to this problem is 121. Students who want practice math problems can print off worksheets at websites like IXL.

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