How Do You Find Free Practice Police Exams?

How Do You Find Free Practice Police Exams?

To find free practice police exams, go to a police department recruiting website, such as and search for the free practice exam. A free police practice exam is also available online at This exam was designed by former police chief Dr. Richard Weinblatt, Ed.D., to give candidates examples of questions that may appear on their actual exam.

Follow the steps below to find a free practice police exam provided by the New York City Police Department:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Go to the website by entering in a computer browser.

  3. Read the information
  4. Review the information posted about upcoming exam dates, locations and possible cancellations. Then click on the provided link to go to the online tutorial page.

  5. Complete the tutorials
  6. Click on "Online Tutorials" to complete the tutorials to prepare for the New York City Police Officer's Entrance Exam.

  7. Download the test kit
  8. Download the "Test Preparation Kit Sample Questions" by clicking on the link. Complete the practice exam, then download the answer key to check the answers.

Candidates interested in taking the police exam for other cities can check with the city's police department website. For example, those interested in becoming an officer with the United States Capitol Police can go to to download a free practice exam.