How Do You Practice for Plato Algebra?

How Do You Practice for Plato Algebra?

To practice for the PLATO Algebra online course, log into the system and access the pre-algebra mini-course to review concepts before moving on to the full algebra course. The PLATO learning environment also provides a pretest that covers the algebra concepts available in the course. Students who demonstrate knowledge of a particular concept in the pretest are exempt from completing the coursework for that concept in the course.

Use the steps below to practice for the PLATO Algebra online course:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Go to the PLATO website associated with the specific algebra course. For example, to go to the Academic Systems Algebra course, enter in a Web browser.

  3. Enter the login information
  4. Log into the PLATO course by entering the account login, PLATO name and password into the text boxes. Click on "Enter" to enter the system.

  5. Review the concepts
  6. Choose the "pre-algebra mini-course" to begin reviewing the concepts and practicing for the full Algebra course. Topics in the pre-algebra course include basic geometry, proportional reasoning and interpreting data.

  7. Take the pre-test
  8. After completing the pre-algebra mini-course, take the pre-test before beginning the full Algebra course. The pre-test will show students which areas they can skip in the course and which topics require more review.