How Do You Practice for a One-Minute Typing Test?


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To practice for a one-minute typing test, one has to ensure the proper use of typing techniques. If he has to look at the keyboard each time to find every number, letter or punctuation mark, then a lot of time is being wasted.

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For an individual to increase his typing speed, he has to have proper typing technique and hand position. One who uses the hunt and peck style will forever be slow compared to one who uses the correct method on a QWERTY keyboard. Posture is another factor that matters when one needs to improve his typing speed. When one sits in a poor posture, it takes a toll in his muscles and affects the energy level as well as accuracy.

Essentially, keeping a good posture while typing keeps one energy level up and allows his fingers to rest in the right position. Likewise, it helps one type faster and more accurately without any injury during the process. Therefore, the best posture to have is to type with one's feet relaxing squarely on the ground and wrists on the same level with the keyboard. Lastly, one has to avoid staring the keyboard repeatedly. Although this can result in several mistakes, one will get used to it with time.

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