How Do You Practice Math Before a Quiz?


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A good way to practice math before your quiz is by revisiting old homework problems. If you can find old homework worksheets and assignments, you can do questions again and then check your work to see if you are correct.

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Homework assignments in math class are often quite similar to questions you see on your quiz. The best way to get better at math and to study for your upcoming quiz is practice. Your teacher wants you to learn the material, so the practice examples from in class or from homework assignments are useful to you when studying.

If you have already completed a homework worksheet, and you know the answers are correct, you can take a blank piece of paper, copy the question, cover up your previous work, and then try to complete the problem again on your own. Once you have finished, you can refer back to your homework sheet to see if you got the question right this time around.

Do as many problem sets as you can; the more you do, the more comfortable and prepared you are for the quiz. If you find that you are still having trouble, you can go to your teacher with questions or work with another classmate.

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