What Are Some Free Practice Exams for Becoming a Millwright?


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Some websites that offer the practice exams for becoming a millwright include Trades.ExamBank.com and MockQuestions.com. The sites provide sample questions and answers in different formats.

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Trades.ExamBank.com features millwright tests for four test periods. The first period has 10 tests, each of them including a unique set of questions and number of credits. The second period has nine tests with each section having at least 20 questions as well as credits per question. Each of the third and fourth periods has 10 tests with 20 or more questions each and some credits. Some of the topics tested include rigging, safety, machining, and trade math. The test in interactive and timed, helping the learner improve the speed as well.

MockQuestions.com features the top 30 interview questions visitors can use to test their knowledge. This site lists a question and gives the best answer followed by the second and third best. There is a print option at the top that allows students to keep all the test questions and answers for offline use. The site gives students an option to post their answers as well for others to review. They can also vote to say whether they found the question useful or not.

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