How Do You Practice for the Compass Test?

Students practice for the Compass test by familiarizing themselves with the subjects found in the test, including math, reading, writing and, if applicable, English as a second language. Students may prepare using sample questions from Compass test study guides or Compass test flashcards.

Compass tests have multiple-choice questions. Mathematics questions cover topics such as algebra, geometry, trigonometry and numerical skills. Student placement is categorized to basic skills, analysis or application depending on the area in which the student performs best. Passing the Compass math test may exempt students from placement in basic courses.

For the reading portion, students prepare by answering comprehension questions and using vocabulary words learned over the course of study. Comprehension reading tests feature themes such as humanities, prose fiction, practical reading, social sciences and natural sciences. Practicing for Compass writing skills tests requires students to focus on punctuation, sentence structure and basic grammar usage. Additionally, instructors should check the students’ writing style, organization and strategy.

To answer essay writing tasks effectively, students should practice by developing solutions to familiar situations. The essays require students to take a position and offer a solution to a problem. This requires backing solutions with specific examples and logical reasoning based on the context.

Students who speak English as a second language can prepare for the ESL portion by sharpening their reading and listening skills. Practicing proper grammar usage and expanding vocabulary help ready students for this section.