How Do You Practice for a 10-Key Test?


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Use online tutorials available from Sense-Lang.org, TypeOnline.co.uk and other organizations to practice for a 10-key typing test. These tutorials provide several lessons showing the proper placement of the fingers on the 10-key pad as well as tools to help memorize all of the keys.

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The way to build skill with a 10-key pad is through repetition and memorization. Completing the practice exercises builds speed and accuracy over time. The drills on the tutorial website help the typist master the location of the keys and the physical movements to move back and forth among the keys quickly while also producing accurate results.

After mastering the material in the tutorial, the next step for practicing involves taking part in online 10-key tests. Websites such as 10KeyTest.net offer the chance to test your skill with typing assignments. After completing each simulated test, you receive your results in terms of keystroke speed and accuracy. While speed is important, accuracy is just as important to people hiring 10-key pad operators. If you are learning 10-key typing to prepare for an application with a particular employer, contact the hiring office to determine what their standards are in terms of accuracy. Many employers advertise for operators who can operate 10-key pads "by touch," which means without having to look down at the keys. On many models, the pads feature a raised bump or line on the 5 key to help operators keep their hands oriented.

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