How Do PowerSchool Grades Differ From Standard Public Schools?

How Do PowerSchool Grades Differ From Standard Public Schools?

PowerSchool is an educational software solution not a type of school, so it has no affect on grades. Many public and private schools use PowerSchool to manage such tasks as attendance tracking, co-teaching and grading.

Pearson's PowerSchool is a Web-based environment that allows school administrators, teachers, parents and students to manage and document processes and share information. It consists of a variety of modules that focus on specific categories of tasks.

PowerTeacher is a rich Internet application that serves as an online grade book. Teachers can also use the application to record comments and flag missing or late assignments. A mobile version allows teachers to work remotely in PowerTeacher.

PowerSchool further aids in classroom management with an attendance and seating chart module. Classroom floor plans and student photos allow teachers to quickly identify students and experiment with seating changes.

The co-teaching module provides an environment in which teachers can collaborate. The system administrator makes section assignments and determines access levels for each staff assignee.

A parent portal works with Pearson's Schoolnet student-assessment platform to give parents access to their children's grades and attendance. The portal breaks down assessment information by test and retains an assessment history to help parents track their children's progress.