How Does the Powerschool Computer System Work for Parents?

How Does the Powerschool Computer System Work for Parents?

PowerSchool is an online student information system that allows school administrators to manage and disseminate student information in real-time. By receiving daily updates on their children's progress, parents can take a more active role in their children's education and respond to their children's difficulties in a timely manner.

Through the PowerSchool web portal and free PowerSchool app, parents can obtain real-time updates on students' grades, attendance, teacher comments and assignments directly from teachers' grading books.

Parents can access the PowerSchool web portal from any device. Mobile devices can also deliver instant

push notifications to parents during more unusual events, such as attendance or grade changes. Parents can keep up to date with important announcements through a daily bulletin board, and are also able to monitor and review the details of students' course syllabi and homework assignments. They also have the option of customizing the frequency and specificity of their received updates.

Additionally, parents who have multiple children registered under the PowerSchool web portal can place all children under a single account. Features of parent PowerSchool accounts include integrated family calendars, automatic email messaging, and transparent displays of fee transactions and balances.

Parents are typically assigned personal PowerSchool accounts and login information by the school using PowerSchool. All information on the PowerSchool web portal is kept secure, and parents do not have access to any other students' records besides their own children's records. The Parent and Student PowerSchool web portal is also available in 19 languages, giving parents added flexibility and convenience.