How Does PowerSchool Benefit Teachers?


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PowerSchool can be beneficial for teachers because it provides them with a program called PowerGrade, which is a gradebook that is an all-in-one recordkeeping tool. The gradebook can be useful for student attendance, recording grades and keep information on rubric, grading scales and standards. It can also perform grade/standard calculations, as noted by the PowerSchool website.

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PowerSchool is a web-based information system used for keeping student records in many schools. It is important to note that PowerSchool is the server that keeps and administrates all the information provided by administrators and teachers on a daily basis.

PowerSchool is a tool that is beneficial not only for teachers, but also for school administrators and parents. For example, parents can log on to PowerSchool and access their child's attendance, assignments, real-time grades and contact a teacher through email messaging. Parents can access this information from home through their computers by using a link provided by the particular school and their username and password.

Some other features of the PowerGrade program, which may be most helpful for teachers, include making log entries during classroom instruction concerning students, printing out student reports, communicating with parent or students, having class rosters and recording teacher comments that parents can view. For a teacher, being able to communicate through this system can cut down on the number of phone calls they make to parents. Another benefit of PowerSchool is that teachers can access information through a mobile device.

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