What Are Some Free PowerPoint Presentations for Teaching Children Cause and Effect?


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Free PowerPoint presentations to help teach children about causality, the relationship between cause and effect, are available on websites such World of Teaching, Pete's PowerPoint Station and Teachers Pay Teachers. On these sites, educators share digital materials that other teachers, students or parents can download for educational purposes.

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Students typically learn about the concept of causality at multiple points through the elementary, middle and high schools years as a part of the overall development of critical thinking skills. Causality is taught at most grade levels and in different subject areas. Because of this, teaching material that supports instruction about the relationship between cause and effect concepts are found under different topics and class levels. Causality is often included in the study of story, composition and writing. However, Education World notes that the study of other areas, such as history and science, also typically includes these skills.

By learning about cause and effect, students learn to identify why things happen. Visual representations of this concept are well demonstrated using photographs, graphic organizers and flow charts, according to Teacher Vision. For example, the images of erosion and mudslides can be shown and discussed to illustrate the causal relationship between the two events.

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