Are Poverty and Lack of Education Connected?

Children living in poverty tend to have worse educational experiences, and a lack of proper education can lead to poverty. The connection between the two works both ways. Experts debate whether it is best to focus primarily on education or poverty.

The connection between education and money later in life is clear; those who drop out of high school are far more likely to live in poverty than those who continue with their education. Children growing up with poor families are more likely to drop out of school than those who live with wealthier families.

Part of the reason is due to different educational opportunities. Poorer areas tend to have worse schools than wealthier areas, and students are more likely to drop out if their schools offer poor educational opportunities. Affluent parents are more likely to live in areas with better schools, and they can afford to send their children to private schools as well.

Some experts argue that focusing on improving educational standards and outcomes can help students avoid poverty in the future. Others argue that solving the poverty problem is more likely to improve the situation. Most, however, agree that focusing on either issue would improve the situation in general.