What Are Some Possible Thesis Titles in the Philippines?

Possible thesis titles and subjects in the Philippines revolve around some of the country's main issues such as economic gains, competition with Japan and China, religion, disaster response, infrastructure improvements, medical care and foreign aid. The island nation has a higher education system with doctoral programs in major cities such as Manila.

The National Library of the Philippines hosts a digital collection of theses and dissertations. Candidates can research possible titles there to prevent duplicating another's research.

Some thesis titles revolve around disaster response, especially after Typhoon Haiyan affected more than 9.7 million people. The title "Clean Water Infrastructure Improvements After Typhoon Haiyan" marks the progress recovering communities made after the storm wreaked havoc on the country in November 2013.

One religious title is "The Francis Effect: Preparing for the Visit of Pope Francis," which documents how locals, governments and ordinary citizens prepared to welcome the pontiff to the largely Catholic country. More than 1,000 local children, living on the streets of Manila, wrote letters to Pope Francis urging him to visit them during his world travels. Much like hosting a major sporting event, the Philippines prepared to host the five-day Catholic Bishop's Conference from Jan. 15-19, 2015, in Manila.