Is It Possible to Find Free Printable ASL Flash Cards Online?

possible-printable-asl-flash-cards-online Credit: Hunstock/Getty Images

Free printable American Sign Language flashcards are available online at a number of educational websites. Many of the available free American Sign Language flashcards are the finger spelling alphabet, numerals and basic vocabulary words.

Many American Sign Language websites offer flashcards that are designed for the beginning learner. Many of these flashcards are simple vocabulary words. These flashcards are not designed to teach people to be fluent in American Sign Language, but to increase the vocabulary of the American Sign Language learner or to introduce children to American Sign Language. Young children are often able to use American Sign Language to communicate with their caregivers before they are able to communicate verbally. Learning American Sign Language can also help to increase hand-eye coordination in younger children.

There are flashcards available that address the syntax of American Sign Language, including verb tenses and pronoun usage. American Sign Language is not the same as Signed Exact English. American Sign Language is a language that was developed by Deaf people. It has a different grammatical structure than English. Signed Exact English is a way to communicate in English with Deaf people. Signed Exact English uses the English grammar structure and English vocabulary. While many of the signs in the two languages are the same, it is common for the Signed Exact English signs to have variations to add clarity and distinction in descriptions.