What Are Some Popular Undergraduate Majors for Students Who Want to Go to Law School?


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Three popular majors for students wishing to attend law school are philosophy, economics and journalism. Pre-law and criminal justice are other popular majors, but statistics suggest that fewer of these students are admitted to law school than those in other majors, according to Lawschooli.

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Undergraduate majors in philosophy, history and English are believed to prepare students well for law school because of the dense reading and critical thinking skills required. These skills are necessary to perform well on the LSAT, which is a key factor in law school admissions. Hard science majors also perform well on the LSAT, which suggests that these majors develop the skills necessary to gain admission to law school and perform well in the law school environment.

Some statistics show that pre-law and criminal justice majors have the lowest LSAT scores when compared with other majors, as well as fewer admissions to the law school, state Lawschooli. One suggested reason for this is that these majors do not require the same kinds of reading and critical thinking demands as other majors. In addition, these majors typically carry rampant grade inflation, which might cause a law school admissions committee to slightly discount a good GPA in these majors.

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