What Are Some Popular Spanish Learning Games?


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"Los Numeros," "Spanish Word Bingo" and "Spanish-English Word Match" are some good games to help with learning Spanish. Features, difficulty levels and themes within each game vary depending on the title. All these Spanish games are freely accessible through RockAlingua.com, ABCya.com and LearningGamesForKids.com, respectively.

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"Los Numeros" reviews Spanish numbers up to 50. Players choose between easy or difficult drag-and-match modes, or easy or difficult concept races. Concept races require a user to type the correct number word, while drag-and-match players must select the appropriate word to represent each number.

"Spanish Word Bingo" provides several options to practice and learn Spanish vocabulary words in categories such as colors, numbers, around the house, food and transportation. Three card sizes are available and feature either Spanish or English words, according to the user's selection. Players click the correct words on their cards after the game gives the appropriate pronunciations.

"Spanish-English Word Match" is a simple line-matching game with two levels. Seven English words line one side of the game screen, while seven corresponding Spanish words randomly appear on the opposite side. Players click an English word, and then select its Spanish translation. When all words are paired, the player clicks the Check Answers button to evaluate his work and progress to the next level.

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