What Are the Most Popular Science Projects for Middle School Science Fairs?


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Typical science fair projects for middle-school students are determining whether bees recognize patterns, performing acid tests on local minerals, building a light bulb and distilling drinking water from salt water, according to Home Science Tools. All projects must investigate these problems using scientific methods.

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What Are the Most Popular Science Projects for Middle School Science Fairs?
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Ideas for science fair projects cover the life sciences, earth sciences, physical sciences and chemistry, as listed by Home Science Tools. Life science projects often examine seeds and plants, such as the differences in plant growth when using different types of light including fluorescent and ultraviolet light. Earth science projects typically involve rocks, soil or weather. For example, one experiment tests the effects of wind, water, ice and gravity erosion on various types of soil. Another project determines the effects of temperature, wind and humidity on evaporation and precipitation.

Popular physical science projects build a moving vehicle such as a solar car or rocket car, Home Science Tools states. Experiments with rolling carts investigate the relationships among mass, velocity and acceleration. Also popular are alternative power projects, such as those in which students build a wind turbine to determine how to improve energy production or create a solar oven to cook food. Chemistry project ideas include testing food to determine its nutritional makeup and experimenting with household products to form crystals.

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