What are some popular reading programs for children?


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Popular reading programs for children are Direct Instruction, Imagine It!, Literacy How, Reading Street, Readers Workshop, Success for All and Treasures. Each of these reading programs caters for children of different academic grades. Success for All programs takes care of children in K-12, according to GreatSchools.

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What are some popular reading programs for children?
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Success for All caters for K-12 grades and is a complete-school literacy teaching program that uses two-way learning method to engage students. At the basic level, the program uses puppets, videos, and other forms of multimedia to make learning both exciting and taxing. SFA has perhaps been studied more than any other reading program, as claimed by GreatSchools.

Direct Instruction, developed by Zig Engelmann, handles reading requirements of children in K-5. DI is a structured, all-inclusive program with teachers guiding students in a carefully controlled situation. It has four reading programs circulated by McGraw-Hill Education. The most admired is Reading Mastery. DI is either used as a supplementary program or basic reading curriculum. It is widely used and was chosen by American Federation of Teachers as one of six best children reading programs, says GreatSchools.

Imagine It, developed by SRA and McGraw-Hill, is for K-6 children and was known previously as Open Court. It is a prearranged, all-inclusive and rigid elementary reading and writing program designed to cater for every level of learners. Literacy How covers K-8 grades. It was originally a part of Yale's Haskins Laboratories which carries out research on spoken and written language. Literacy How shows remarkable improvement for Hispanic and low income students, declared GreatSchools.

Reading Street is published by Pearson’s auxiliary, Scott Foresman, and covers K-6 grades. It allows teachers to customize instruction to meet students’ individual needs. Reader's Workshop also known as Reading Workshop serves K-8 grades and is not a formal curriculum but a teaching approach for reading and comprehension. “Treasures” covers K-6 grades and is marketed by MacMillan/McGraw Hill as a complete language arts program for students in kindergarten through sixth grades. It offers first-class literature and clear literacy instruction, as stated by GreatSchools.

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