What Are Some Popular Products at Chapters.Indigo.ca?

What Are Some Popular Products at Chapters.Indigo.ca?

Chapters sells book titles as well as toys, home supplies, electronics and entertainment items. The books are categorized according to bestsellers and staff books, as well as subject matter and target audience.

Books, especially bestsellers, are the most popular products at Chapters. As of 2015, the website offers up to 40 percent off bestseller titles.

The staff also curates books for customers. For example, the website includes a selection of "Heather's Picks," curated by the chief book buyer. The titles are from both the fiction and non-fiction section and feature cookbooks, teen books and kid's books. Heather suggests different titles every season.

In the home section, popular products include pillows, frames and wall decor, candles, mugs and serveware. The store also features a wedding shop. The wedding shop features gifts for a wedding and gifts appropriate for the wedding party, wedding stationery and wedding planning guides.

Chapters also sells clothing accessories, including bags and totes, scarves, jewelry and wallets. The site even includes a selection of "reading socks," or comfortable socks apparently appropriate for keeping feet warm while lounging.

The store sells a wide selection of toys. These are categorized by age. Some popular toys include building blocks, shade pools, kickboards and doll accessories.