What Are Some Popular Playground Games for Kids?


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Some popular playground games for kids include cat and mouse, tag, "roshambo" and paper-rock-scissors. Playground games such as these are an integral component in child development, teaching them to interact and resolve disputes without deferring to the judgment of adults, according to Playworks.

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What Are Some Popular Playground Games for Kids?
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Cat and mouse is a popular playground game involving a jump rope spun by two of the players. Two other players are designated as cat and mouse. The mouse starts the game by jumping over the rope and running around one of the rope spinners, at which point the cat follows the route. The chase proceeds in a figure eight over the rope and around each of the rope spinners until the cat catches the mouse. Once the mouse is caught, the players rotate roles.

The game of tag is a simple, all-time playground favorite with a number of creative variations. One of these variations is "rainbow tag," in which the chasing player, designated as "it," chooses a color and catches only those other players who are wearing it. When caught, these players form a group and select the next color to chase down. As in regular tag, the winner is the player who eludes capture for the longest time.

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