What Are Some Popular Pet Grooming Schools?

What Are Some Popular Pet Grooming Schools?

Penn Foster Career School, Paragon School of Pet Grooming and Groomadog Academy are some popular pet grooming schools. Nash Academy and West Coast Grooming Academy are other popular pet grooming schools.

Penn Foster Career School helps students learn how to groom and handle dogs and cats. Program participants gain knowledge of pet anatomy, behaviors and personalities. They also learn basic health care of cats and dogs. In addition, they receive several grooming tools such as a dog slicker brush and a universal comb.

The Paragon School of Pet Grooming offers both onsite and offsite pet grooming training. The curriculum helps students launch a career as a professional pet groomer. The home study programs come with textbooks and DVDs.

Groomadog Academy provides online training courses. The courses are 90 percent hands-on. Students learn the five basic haircuts and how to open their own businesses through videos.

Nash Academy has developed a series of online courses to help students develop theoretical and practical skills. This school offers multiple international student exchange programs. Since 2008, Nash Academy has been offering cat and horse care courses.

West Coast Grooming Academy is a school in Pasadena, California, that introduces students to the tools and grooming techniques that professional dog groomers use. The school prepares students to work in pet grooming environments or start their own businesses. Students learn dog anatomy and behavior. They also learn how to communicate with pet owners. Prospective students can contact the school if they have questions or want to schedule a consultation to visit the campus.