What Are Some Popular Persuasive Speech Topics?

Some popular persuasive speech topics include immigration restrictions, the use of the death penalty and restrictions on firearms. Popular persuasive speech topics typically center on controversial issues that have two well-known sides.

Hot button issues such as immigration in the United States make for compelling persuasive speech topics, since most of the audience is likely to have an opinion on the subject. A persuasive speech centered on immigration could argue in favor of more lenient immigration practices and amnesty for those in the country illegally, or it might take the opposite approach, supporting tougher restrictions and deportation policies.

The death penalty is a contentious topic in American political culture, making it a fruitful and popular choice for a persuasive speech topic. The most basic speech centers on whether or not the death penalty is at all acceptable or humane. More specialized topics include whether the death penalty should or should not be applied to murderers, drug dealers or juveniles responsible for particularly heinous crimes. Persuasive speeches centered on the death penalty might also focus on the rate of incarceration in the United States.

Issues related to the sale and possession of firearms are another popular topic for speeches. There are many controversial practices surrounding the issue, including waiting periods for newly-purchased guns and mandatory registration of all firearms. Presenters can argue either in favor of or against these policies.