What Are Some Popular Online MBA Programs?

popular-online-mba-programs Credit: iStock

An online MBA can be a great option for those who can’t commit to attending school full-time throughout the day, and can prepare an individual for many opportunities in the business world. Here are three of the most popular online MBA programs.

Texas A&M University-Kingsville College of Business Administration
This program is an affordable option for those looking to obtain an MBA online. Residents pay $538.08 for a three-hour credit course, and the degree requires 30 credits to graduate. This program also offers high-quality instruction and curriculum.

Fayetteville State University College of Business and Economics
This program is affordable without sacrificing the quality of the instruction. Resident tuition is $183.09 per credit, and the full program’s cost is approximately $6,600. This program is also accredited by the AACSB.

Augusta University James M. Hull College of Business
This program offers a flexible class schedule for students who have day jobs or other scheduling commitments. Residents pay $222 per credit hour to attend this MBA, bringing the total cost of the degree to approximately $8,000.