What Are Some Popular Online ELearning Courses?

What Are Some Popular Online ELearning Courses?

Some popular online eLearning courses are Fundamentals of Online Education from Georgia Tech, E-Learning and Digital Cultures from the University of Edinburgh, the Virtual Teacher Program from the University of California, Irvine and Learning to Teach Online from The University of New South Wales. These courses are intended to assist eLearning professionals with their understanding of learner psychology, Instructional Design Models and new technologies as they are developed. Georgia Tech's 6-week Fundamentals of Online Education course, for example, tutors students in how to use new technologies to create online versions of more conventional classroom-based courses, notes eLearning Industry.

The 5-week course from the University of Edinburgh, E-Learning and Digital Cultures, is less practical in nature, being designed to equip students with knowledge of digital education practices more generally.

Gamification, a course offered by Coursera, explores the psychological success of gamification in eLearning environments. It is a 6-week course covering 2 units each week, with material on game thinking and gamification design.

Learning to Teach Online sets out to develop eLearning professionals' understanding of existing technologies and approaches and how to select the best for an intended given outcome.

Some other popular online eLearning courses are the Foundations of Teaching for Learning Program from the Commonwealth Education Trust and K-12 Blended & Online Learning, another course from Coursera, reports eLearning Industry.