What Are Some Popular Online Education Institutions?

As of 2015, some popular online education institutions are the University of Phoenix, DeVry University, Ashford University, Liberty University and American Public University Systems, notes TheBestSchools.org. There are many others schools found on the lists provided by TheBestSchools.org and BestCollegeReviews.org.

On TheBestSchools.com's lists of popular online schools, the University of Phoenix is in first place as of October 2015. Located in Arizona, this university has an enrollment of online and on-campus students that number more than 260,000 students, notes TheBestSchools.com. This private school has 112 campuses located throughout the world and offers more than 100 degree programs at different levels, including undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate degrees. It offers online undergraduate and graduate programs in fields of study such as business and education. For example, there are 20 different programs that lead to a bachelor's degree.

Two other popular online institutions are Liberty and DeVry universities, which rank third and fourth on the list offered by TheBestSchools.org. Liberty University is a Christian institution that provides different types of certificate and degree programs in different areas of concentration.

At BestCollegeReviews.org, some popular online institutions listed include the University of Maryland at University College, Arizona State University, University of Arizona, Waldorf College and the University of Central Florida. This website has information for 25 of the top online institutions.