What Are Some Popular Online Degree Programs?

What Are Some Popular Online Degree Programs?

Some popular online degree programs are business, information systems management, engineering, education and criminal justice. Programs such as education, business and criminal justice are popular at the master's as well as the bachelor's degree level.

Online business degrees that are particularly popular are business administration, accounting and marketing. Students can earn associate, bachelor's and master's degrees in accounting and can also take continuing education courses for working professionals. Students can find marketing degrees from associate through doctorate programs online in a number of specialties.

Information systems management and other technology degrees are also popular online. Technology plays a crucial role in the fields of business, education, medicine and government. Jobs in information systems management are both plentiful and lucrative.

Students can pursue engineering degrees online from both online and traditional universities. Jobs in this field generally pay very well, and students can pursue many specialties within online programs.

Education degrees can be earned completely online, but graduate degrees are particularly popular. Teachers working in areas without a major college nearby can complete master's and doctorate degrees as well as other specialist programs through distance education programs without having to travel.

Criminal justice careers include crime scene investigators, probation officers, legal analysts and forensic scientists. Online degrees in this discipline are becoming increasingly popular, with U.S. News & World Report ranking it for the first time in 2015 among online programs.