What Are Some Popular Names for Twins?


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According to Social Security Administration data from 2011, the most popular twin names were Olivia and Sophia, David and Daniel, and Madison and Mason for girl/girl, boy/boy and mixed twins respectively. As of 2015, the Social Security Administration's 2011 findings remain its most recent report published on the subject.

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What Are Some Popular Names for Twins?
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The name set Gabriella and Isabella ranked second for girl/girl twin sets in 2011. Elle and Emma placed third in popularity. Faith and Hope came in as the fourth most popular combination in this category. Rounding out the top five name sets for girl/girl twins were the names Makayla and Makenzie.

Jacob and Joshua, a set of names ranked number one in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, took the second spot for boy/boy twin names in 2011. Third place went to the combination Isaac and Isaiah. Jayden and Jordan dropped a place into the fourth position for that year. The set Ethan and Evan, which held the second place slot in 2010, fell to fifth place in 2011.

The second most popular set of names for mixed twin sets was Olivia and Owen. Jayda and Jayden took the third place spot. The combination Emma and Ethan, which was second most popular in 2010 in this category, fell to fourth place in 2011. The final set in the top five was Isabella and Isaiah.

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