What Are Some Popular Names for Twin Girls?


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Some popular combinations for twin girl names as of 2015 are Emily and Emma, Olivia and Sophia, Gabrielle and Isabella, Faith and Hope, and Ava and Emma. Some others that are popular are Isabella and Sophia, Madison and Morgan, Ava and Ella, Ava and Olivia, and Mackenzie and Madison.

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The Social Security Administration compiles a list every year with popular baby names, including popular twin baby names. Parents often stick to a theme when naming twins, such as London and Paris, or Grace and Faith, or they use names that start with the same letter, like Ashley and Abigail or Ella and Emma. Another popular option for naming twins is to use names that have the same meaning, such as Penelope and Scarlet, which both mean "red."

Other options include pairing together traditional names such as Grace and Alice or Frances and Helen, while some parents prefer to pair together more modern names such as Miley and Juno. Another popular option parents use when naming twin girls is to use family names or names that honor someone close to them.

Other popular name combinations are unique to each child and do not stick to a theme. Some popular name choices without a theme include Mason and Taylor, Harper and Teagan, or Bailey and Kennedy.

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