What Are Some Popular Names That Have Spiritual Meanings?

What Are Some Popular Names That Have Spiritual Meanings?

Some popular names with spiritual meanings include Ariel, Lydia, Arya and Magdalena. These names all have spiritual origins or connotations within various world religions, including Judaism, Buddhism and Christianity.

Also stylized as Arielle or Ari, Ariel originates from Hebrew, meaning “The Lion of God.” The symbolic name for the city of Jerusalem, Ariel is referred to in the Bible as the city where David settled. In Judaism, Ariel was also a renowned leader and messenger who searched for temple ministers.

Meaning “beautiful,” Lydia originates from Greek. The name has a biblical history, as Lydia became apostle Paul's first European convert to Christianity. Lydia was a successful entrepreneur who is mentioned in Acts 16:14 as a seller of renowned purple dye. In spite of her business success, Lydia still found time to be a devout worshiper of God.

Popularized by the TV series “Game of Thrones,” the name Arya actually has roots in Sanskrit, meaning “noble.” In Theravada Buddhism, an arya is a person who has become noble by achieving one of the four levels of holiness.

Magdalena or Magdalene, meaning “gift of God,” is an important name from the Bible. While society scorned Mary Magdalene, Jesus befriended her, transforming her into a symbol of hope and redemption. She ultimately became a prominent Christian leader and was the first person to see Jesus after his resurrection.