What Are Some Popular Names for Kittens?


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Popular names for female kittens include Angel, Mittens, Charlie, Milkshake and Oreo. Popular names for male kittens include Toby, Mikesch, Oliver, Leo and Milo. Many of these names are derived from factors including the kitten's fur markings, eye coloration, size and shape, or a number of other factors.

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What Are Some Popular Names for Kittens?
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A kitten's physical appearance often plays a significant role in its naming. For example, a black kitten with white paws might be called Mittens or Boots, while a black-and-white kitten might be named Oreo or'Milkshake.

Many kitten names also come from pop culture. The favorite female kitten name Pepsi comes from the popular soft drink, just as Oreo comes from the classic cookie. The popular male kitten name Oliver comes from the Disney animated film "Oliver and Company," and as the popular Tigger comes from Disney's Winnie-the-Pooh franchise. Three of the other most popular male kitten names all come from pop culture as well: Garfield, from the legendary comic strip; Cassidy, from the classic western film "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid"; and Harley, from the popular motorcycle brand Harley-Davidson or the character Harley Quinn from DC Comics.

Finally, many popular kitten names come from the human owner's personal life or history. For example, an owner may name her new feline pet after a favorite aunt or grandparent.

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