What Are Some Popular Names for Girls in the United States?

What Are Some Popular Names for Girls in the United States?

As of November 2015, some of the most popular names for girls in the United States, in order of rank, are Emma, Olivia, Sophia, Isabella and Ava. These names were also among the top choices for girls in 2014.

Emma, the most popular name in 2014 and into November 2015, means "universal," and is of German origin. Emma has surpassed its predecessor, Emily, in popularity but is within close range of competition with the name Ella.

Olivia, meaning "olive tree," has Latin roots of origin and is also popular in Greek culture, while Sophia, meaning "wisdom," is of Greek origin and ranks high among Latin cultures. St. Sophia, of the Greek Orthodox Church, is thought to be the first historical figure to which the popularity of the name is owed.

One of the most popular names from 2009 through 2015 is Isabella. Common variations of this name have included Isabelle and Belle. Isabella means "pledged to God" and is the Spanish and Italian version of Elizabeth, which is of Hebrew origin.

Ava, a variation of Eve, is a Latin name meaning "life" and "bird." Although popular in modern times, Ava comes from the ancient times of St. Ava, the daughter of King Pepin. St. Ava was cured of blindness and gave her life to God, becoming a nun. Other spellings of Ava include Eva and Avia.