What Are the Most Popular Names for Black Boys?


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In 2014, the top five baby names for African-American boys in the United States were Anthony, Brandon, Caleb, Cameron and Christian. Some popular naming trends in this year included city names, last names and names based on nature.

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Only a few places in the United States break down lists of baby names by race. These places are Virginia, Colorado, Texas, Arkansas and New York City. Because of this, these lists are not as accurate as those for the general population, since baby names trends tend to differ by region. Other popular baby names for this demographic include Christopher, Daniel, David, Elijah and Ethan.

Trends noted by Elev8.HelloBeautiful.com are an increasing use of city names and last names as given names, such as Austin, Brooklyn, Parker and Coleman. Vintage names and nature names are also increasing in popularity as of 2015, including names such as Isaiah, Reed and River. Many people still name their babies after relatives or other people they might admire. Most of the names in the top 30 for 2014 could be considered more traditional than those that appeared on the list several years before. Names from the Old Testament, such as Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Joshua and Josiah all appear, as well as other religious names such as Matthew, Michael, Joseph, James and Zion.

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