What Are Some Popular Names for Baby Boys?


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The five most popular names for baby boys on the BabyCenter website in 2015 were Logan, Ethan, Mason, Noah and Liam, with Liam coming in at number one. The most popular names for boys in 2014 were Noah, Lucas, Liam and Aidan, topped by Jackson at number one.

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What Are Some Popular Names for Baby Boys?
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More than nine out of 1000 boys born in 2014 were given the name Noah. Other names for boys on the Top 10 list of 2014 include Oliver, Jacob, Aidan, Jackson and Lucas. Aidan and variants of that name have been popular since the 2000's. Commentators have noted a trend of names ending in -dan or -don since the turn of the millennium. Aiden was in the top 200 until 1999, then peaked around 2006, when it broke the Top 20 list of boys' names, where it has remained since.

The name that made the greatest gain in popularity in 2014 is Oliver. It ranked number 32 in popularity for 2014, rising 28 percent. Certain decades favor particular names, which enjoy a spike in popularity followed by a decline. For example, the 1960s favored Jeff, and the 1970s favored Jason. In the 80s, Dustin rose in popularity, and in the 90s, it was Austin. The 2000s was the decade of Aidan, and in the 2010s, Liam is popular. Liam is an Irish name, and means strong-willed warrior and protector.

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