What Are Some Popular Modern Indian Baby Names?


In 2014, the most popular boy names in India included Aarav, Mohammed, Vihaan, Aditya and Sai. Other top boy names were Arjun, Aryan, Reyansh, Vivaan and Krishna. For girls, Aadhya, Ananya, Saanvi, Aaradhya and Anaya were in the top 10, as well as Aanya, Anika, Pari, Myra and Shanaya.

Aarav, which means "peaceful," was the most popular Indian name for boys for five years. Saanvi, which means "Goddess Lakshmi," was among the top three names for girls for three years. It was the most popular girls' name in 2012 and 2013, then fell to third place in 2014.

Among Indian-American families living in the United States, Arjun, Deven, Ishaan, Aditya and Pranav are favored boy names. Samir, Nikhil, Arnav, Rishi and Rahul also top the list of boy names. Popular names for girls include Maya, Tara, Shreya, Mira Mina. Other favorites are Anjali, Avani, Priya, Indira and Akasha.

Modern Indian names have their origin in a variety of Indian languages, such as Hindi, Bengali and Punjabi, as well as Arabic and Persian. The names vary by national region and may also reflect the family's faith background, such as Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Christian and Jain.

Surnames are derived from local languages and often reflect a family's background in profession, place or origin, or caste.